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Шрифт Bamum Symbols 1 Bamum Symbols 1
Семейство шрифтов: Bamum Symbols 1
Стиль шрифта: Bamum Symbols 1
Копирайт: Copyright (c) ~Sorcerer~, 2005. All rights reserved. Sorcererskitchen@hotmail.com This font is Freeware for personal and/or educational use. This font is not to be redistributed as part of any collection (archive or CD) without written permission from the author beforehand. This font is part of the African Bamum Language Symbols Collection. For more info please email me at the address above. Notice to educational users: if you use this font in any classroom, please let me know how you liked it.
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Раскладка шрифта Bamum Symbols 1 Bamum Symbols 1
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